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Contract Placement

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The right resources, at the ready

As your organization experiences market ebbs and flows, seasonal highs and lows or engages in special initiatives, contract placement solutions from Experis provide the top professional talent, plus the agility, to propel your organization’s success. Whether it’s a short-term assignment, long-term project or strategic business objective, our proven recruitment, assessment and selection processes mean we'll not only find you the number of individuals you need quickly, we'll also find you the right individuals – those with the skill sets and work style your organization requires to perform at its peak.

You can rest assured we’ll deliver highly-qualified professionals who can add business value from day one – and you’ll experience the peace of mind from having a single source that can manage all aspects of your contingent workforce program - from recruitment to onboarding to ongoing satisfaction measurement.

We specialize in Information Technology, striving to provide skilled contractors across all disciplines in the IT sector, including today's in-demand operating systems, programming languages, platforms, applications, databases, networks, e-commerce, software engineering, and securities.