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Network Solutions

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Start-to-finish technology management.

The exchange of data is paramount to the reputation of an enterprise. Organizations continue to analyze their network infrastructure, assessing its existing capabilities, as well as its abilities to meet future demands. Is the appropriate network infrastructure in place to support the future directions or business drivers? Are the proper skill sets in place to continue to support the current infrastructure and simultaneously meet the expected growth or changes? As a business leader, do you feel that your network is underperforming or experiencing sub-standard returns from your business investment?

Our practice has expanded over the years as clients adopted virtualization, SAN solutions and high-capacity servers. In addition, the need for redundant data centres, outsourcing and cloud services grew, increasing client reliance on networking technologies.

Experis’ Network Services supports the full scope of changing requirements by providing expert guidance, assessments and reports describing client’s existing network capabilities. This includes, if desired, a full-scale design, planning and implementation of emerging network solutions driven by the assessment’s findings. Assessments can also be conducted to evaluate the readiness of a client’s infrastructure to implement technology changes and operational execution for improved services and/or competitive advantage.

Network Solutions services include:

  • Network Assessment
  • Design and Implementation
    • LAN/WAN
    • Wireless
    • VoIP
    • Firewall
    • VPN
    • Contact Centre
  • Network Support Services