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Information Security

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Providing superior technical choices for sustainable information protection.

Continuously changing business demands and operational risk environments challenge organizations to find better ways to protect their information assets, while also meeting an increasingly complex set of industry and regulatory requirements. To address these issues, the Experis Information Security Practice focuses on helping organizations identify and embrace practical information security solutions that enable them to effectively and securely conduct business, while controlling costs.

Business Continuity

The best protection for business as usual

Business is information driven and globally connected, requiring on-demand access to information and assets both electronically and physically. An interference with access to critical information, assets and business services poses an unacceptable risk of business interruption and possible monetary penalties. Maintaining availability of this environment requires plans based on a thorough understanding of your most important business processes and how to keep them going during unexpected disruptive events.

Experis can help you fully understand the specific continuity needs of your businesses and assists in the development of pragmatic and action-oriented plans to address critical business continuity risks. To protect your environment, we offer:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning and Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy and Planning

Air-tight security without impacting productivity

With an ever-changing threat environment, constant vigilance is essential to maintaining the external and internal security frameworks that are critical to protecting business information assets. This is especially true for high-profile organizations, including companies maintaining top competitive intelligence, customer sensitive information or personal information with high financial payoff.

To help clients understand their protection level, Experis Cyber Security teams perform hundreds of assessments and penetration tests across all industry sectors, network complexities, applications and platforms. We use the same methods sophisticated attackers use, including a broad range of commercial and public tools from our well-maintained Virtual Security Test Centre (VSTC), along with manual methods created and used by our skilled assessors. Our VSTC tool sets are regularly reviewed against available tools in multiple categories to ensure we provide our clients with leading-edge capabilities.

Experis Cyber Security teams actively work with you to distill raw assessment data into reports that are visibly aligned with your business risks and potential business impacts at multiple levels of detail. These reports effectively communicate the results based on the needs of each of your stakeholders groups, including senior management and technical staff. Our Cyber Security offerings include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Customized Goal-Oriented Penetration Exercises
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Social Engineering
  • Network, Wireless and Web Application Security Reviews
  • Incident Analysis and Response
Information Security Governance

Laser focus on your security efforts

In today’s economic climate, threats to information assets are becoming more complex and pervasive, making a strategic approach to information security more important than ever. Rather than simply reacting to security threats, events and regulatory changes, Experis helps you get ahead of the curve by striking the right balance between providing tactical responses to new demands and executing a planned approach for information security.

The Experis team brings the business knowledge and deep information security expertise needed to define a cost-effective and risk-appropriate information security program that meets current and future needs. We apply our expertise to a range of services, including:

  • Security Organization Assessment and Development
  • Information Security Enterprise-wide Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Strategy Development
  • Security Policies and Frameworks (e.g., ISO/IEC 27001/2)
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Data Protection and Loss Prevention
PCI/TR-39 Validation

Specialized security solutions for the Payment Card Industry

Experis maintains a designation as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company and an Authorized Scan Vendor (ASV). We have been providing Payment Card Industry (PCI)-related services to our clients since 2003 under VISA’s CISP and MasterCard’s SDP programs. With this experience, we have accumulated a vast knowledge base and can help you ensure that you meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements regardless of whether you are just beginning the certification process or recertifying. We maintain a flexible, multi-phased, approach that we use for each client to help us determine and verify the scope for PCI, identify current compliance gaps, assist in remediation of gaps, and lead to the ultimate validation documentation required by PCI. Services include:

  • Compliance Readiness Assistance
  • Compliance Validation (Report on Compliance and Attestation)
  • Remediation Assistance
  • Compliance Management Program Services
  • ASV Services
  • TR-39 (TG3) ATM Network Reviews
Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

Cost-effectively addressing compliance challenges

The valuable information assets of organizations are targeted because of the greater financial gains they can provide. New threats emerge daily as attackers across the globe use more sophisticated methods for compromising confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. To counter these threats, the spectrum of regulatory, legislative and industry standards and requirements for enhanced information security continues to expand and evolve, making compliance more challenging to achieve and maintain. Requirements, such as HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO/IEC and FFIEC, define increased levels of information protection that organizations must factor into their risk management framework.

Experis understands how to deliver results that address your needs to cost-effectively respond to threats while minimizing the risks of non-compliance with privacy, industry and regulatory requirements. To help ensure your compliance, we offer:

  • Industry Regulatory Assessments and Remediation Support
  • Privacy Assessments and Remediation Support
  • Information Security Audits
  • Security Policies/Procedures Alignment Analysis
  • Security Compliance Training and Education
Technical Security Solutions

Smart security solutions for evolving technologies

Technological advancements continue to proliferate, adding to the challenges of meeting business demands for access to information in a secure manner. Mobile technologies are changing the way people access data and conduct business even more, and coupled with the advanced technological infrastructure is a new generation of highly-sophisticated security products that are exploding onto the market. Making the appropriate decisions regarding technical solutions is a critical key to sustainable and affordable information protection.

Experis can help you select the right technical security solutions to fulfill their business and security strategies through our Technical Security Solutions, including:

  • Security Solution Evaluation and Selection
  • Risk Remediation Design, Implementation and Management
  • Security Technology Architectures
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Application Security
  • Cloud and Virtualization Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • System and Network Security Controls