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Authoring solutions to enhance your global brand.

The content that every organization produces – web pages, manuals, training literature, user guides, human resource documents, contracts, and sales and marketing materials – shapes that organization’s identity and must be consistent, correct, and high quality.

Global Content Solutions provides clients with solutions to optimize the content authoring process for efficiency and quality. Our industry-leading expertise in content creation and authoring provides clients with:

  • Increased productivity for writers and editors
  • Ability to harvest and reuse quality content, reducing translation and localization costs
  • Increased search effectiveness

Our solutions are flexible; we can provide a comprehensive approach or individual point solutions to improve content consistency, accuracy, and ease of translation for your organization’s authoring process. GCS develops corporate glossaries and style guides for clients in tandem with the technology and systems to ensure that content creators adhere to corporate standards. We also provide authoring training and guidance for global markets when content needs to be translated and delivered in other languages.

Content quality is essential to maintaining a strong identity. Experis GCS implements solutions that address the challenges of authoring quality content.