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Training Solutions and Enablement

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Empowering your employees for improvement.

You can make all the right choices when configuring your system and create effective new business processes, but if your users do not know how to leverage the solution, you will not get the value you expected from your strategic investment. That’s why training – and empowering your employees to use their new tools to become more effective – is a key, strategic component of your ERP’s success. Experis can provide a customized, cost-effective solution, from fully-outsourced turnkey training solutions to ad hoc, client specific training services.

We are highly experienced in performing organizational impact assessments and working with client teams to identify, analyze and develop curriculum, and deliver and measure training needs and solutions, thus providing comprehensive, meaningful, flexible and practical training geared toward your organization’s specific requirements.

How we can build capabilities and confidence

Training Assessments and Planning

Organizational change that occurs during enterprise implementation impacts users’ roles, and assessing training requirements and preparing a training plan is vital to the project’s ultimate success. To ensure we deliver the most effective training, Experis trainers will meet with you and your team to determine what your audience knows and what they need to learn in order to be effective in their roles.

Training Content Development

Experis can work with your team to determine the content of the training program and effectively prepare materials that will yield the best results.

Training Delivery

Delivering training in the proper format to the most appropriate individuals is essential. Experis trainers can deliver training in a format that best meets your requirements, such as: one-on-one training, train-the-trainer, classroom training, role-based training and online training.


When you require training on very specific subject matter, we can work with your team to develop focused webinars or a webinar series that can be recorded and archived for later review – a fantastic resource when brining on new employees and cross training. These webinars can be developed based on your specific needs and delivered live with Q&A and interactive sessions.