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System Integration and Architecture

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Improving system efficiency for better business results.

Today’s business environment demands that organizations supply their employees, customers and vendors with business information – and ineffective, disparate systems cost valuable time and money. Experis’ Systems Integration and Architecture services bring you the ability to plan, implement, operate and optimize the required infrastructure to support your ERP deployments. Effectively integrating your ERP solution gives you a competitive advantage, while supplying your employees, customers and vendors with the tools to drive positive business results and the best opportunities for success.

Working with Experis ERP Technical Architects and our customer hardware or hosting partners, we provide optimized operating platforms, with the technical expertise to help you integrate solutions such as business intelligence, e-commerce and mobile client solutions into your organization. We also deliver system-tuning services that are designed to improve system speed and performance, and maximize return on investment.

How we enhance system performance and efficiency

Performance Measurement and Management

To determine how well your environment is functioning, you need to assess system performance. Afterward, you may need to take steps to better plan and manage systems. Experis’ technical ERP professionals can help you measure system and process performance, and offer guidance and planning on more effectively managing the ERP technology environment. Experis can evaluate where technology and system efficiency can be leveraged to better make use of technology investments.

Automation Assessment & Enablement

Could you leverage your technology to a higher level, yielding more efficient processes and better performance? Experis’ ERP technical team can assess your processes to determine if there are more efficient methods that could be used by leveraging solution functionality to your better advantage.

Architecture and Advisory

Your architecture supports your ERP solution, whether in the Cloud, hosted or on your client sites. Proper infrastructure and planning will help you maximize your ROI by ensuring your environment is effectively leveraged. Experis can help with architectural decisions and strategies, such as disparate system integration, mobile strategies and solutions, archiving strategies and implementation, technical sizing, disaster recover solutions, client/instance strategies and general landscape management and maintenance. Our experienced architects can advise you on opportunities to better structure and run your environments to get the most efficient systems possible.