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Quality Assessment and Advisory

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You are implementing an ERP solution, but are you making the best decision possible when configuring and developing your solution? If you have already implemented an ERP solution, as your business evolves over time, business process requirements may change and your systems may not be working effectively to handle new and changing requirements. ERP systems are built to adapt to changing business needs, and Experis can help you assess, configure and tune your solution to optimize its value.

Quality Assessment and Advisory offers you the ability to assess, monitor and manage key aspects of delivery engagements, enabling you to reduce the cost of poor quality, and ensuring oversight and advisement on business-critical engagements. Experis Quality Advisors are seasoned professionals who have run multiple full life cycle implementations, and have deep expertise in quality management and process improvement.

Comprehensive assessment and advisory services

Enterprise PMO Advisory

Centralizing and organizing the project management functions in an enterprise organization is essential for consistent, successful project delivery. Experis can assist your organization in structuring and reviewing your PMO, assessing its practices to ensure they comply with industry best practices. We can review and build your strategies and design to ensure your framework is structured in the best possible manner in order for your organization to leverage the PMO strengths and structure to deliver the best results for your programs and projects.

Project Quality and Risk Assessment

When undertaking a complex program or project, organizations do not always accurately assess the risks and quality issues that may arise during the project life cycle. Missed milestones, poor quality and budget overruns are examples of issues that affect the success of a project. Experis’ experienced professionals can work with you to evaluate and detect issues affecting your project and help to “right the ship” as you move forward in your project, with the goal of helping you meet the project’s objectives.

Project Methodology Review

Employing the most effective project management methodology to achieve the stated objectives is essential to success. With our expert project management skills, coupled with the support of our global PMO, we can review your project’s methodology to ensure the most appropriate methods are being leveraged to realize project success.

Stage-Gate/Tollgate Assessment

Stage-gate and tollgate reviews are employed as a method of taking pause at various junctures during a project to ensure the objectives that were stated at the start of the project/step are still the objectives that will be achieved at completion. Experis’ project management experts can help you assess these important milestone points to ensure the project is on track to achieve its stated objectives.

Pre and Post Go-Live Review

Go-live is the goal of a project, but are you ready? Experis’ project management experts can work with your organization to review the project before committing to make it live. We can review your objectives and what has been achieved to ensure you’re ready to bring a project to production, and can help address any issues blocking your go-live goals. We can review that proper training and documentation are in place, and that the team is prepared to any and all go-live risks. We can also perform post go live analysis to ensure systems and processes are functioning as intended, and can recommend any improvements that can be made to ensure full value is achieved.

Current Capability Assessment and Advisory

Do you have the right skills and resources in place to support your ERP investment? Experis’ seasoned professionals can assist your firm in evaluating if – assessing your teams, their roles, and recommending ways to best leverage and improve your team. If additional skills and resources are required, Experis can leverage its strong specialized recruiting engine to find the right resources for your requirements.