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Program and Project Management

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Ensuring the greatest efficiency from start to finish.

ERP and CRM projects have many moving parts: hardware, software, human resources, vendors, budgets, schedules and timelines. Implementing ERP solutions requires thoughtful, expert project planning, requirements management, scope management, risk management and mitigation, resource scheduling and management and realistic budgeting.

To keep your initiative moving in the right direction, we apply proven, custom-tailored project management methodologies with seasoned project management professionals who have experience in leading a variety of ERP programs and projects.Their expertise reduces the cost of poor quality, while increasing the probability of success of meeting the planned scope, schedule and budget targets associated with the program or project.

Experis has a dedicated Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) that supports our Project Solutions group. Leveraging Experis’ internal PMO provides our project managers with the proper tools and quality assurance practices. This dedicated resource adds value to your business projects by enabling access to methodologies and processes information, delivery support and independent quality assurance reviews.

Upholding the highest quality standards

Management of Scope, Schedule and Requirements

When embarking on a large project, requirements management is one of the foundations from which a project is built. Determining how requirements are gathered and then managing those requirements is an essential component to successful program and project completion. From the project requirements, scope is determined and a schedule developed. The Scope Management process consists of collecting requirements, defining scope, creating a work breakdown structure, verifying and controlling scope. Experis’ experienced program and project managers can help you manage program and project scope, which can include helping create a scope management plan, collecting requirements, creating a requirements management plan and traceability matrix, and helping in monitoring, controlling and executing these plans and processes.

Monitor & Control Project

To successfully complete a program or project, skillful monitoring and controlling must be executed. Experis’ seasoned project and program managers leverage their expertise to monitor and control the project life cycle to successfully deliver results. Monitoring project activities, cost and scope, measuring performance, performing quality control, managing and mitigating risk and controlling change management processes (knowing scope creep is one of the biggest reasons cited for project failure) are a few of the tasks a program or project manager will perform.

Management of Project Resources

ERP programs and projects can span several years and leverage dozens of resources throughout its life cycle. Management of these resources is vital to the successful delivery of a program or project. Experis’ experienced program and project managers are adept at the management of human resources. They can assist in the development of a human resources plan, help in acquiring the team (negotiation, setting up virtual teams), help developing the project team (training, team building), and help manage the project team (performance evaluation, motivation, conflict resolution, problem solving).

Management of Project Suppliers

ERP programs and projects can rely on the procurement of goods and services to fulfill project requirements. Managing the delivery of these services is an integral part of successful delivery of a program or project. Experis’ knowledgeable program and project managers can help in planning for the procurement of goods and services (including helping in the RFP and SOW processes), managing the procurement plan, document management, help in conducting procurements, and managing supplier activity and deliverables.