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Managing app testing, so you can focus on core business.

To free up your resource and allow dedicated focus, our experts assume the responsibility of day-to-day testing of your new and existing applications. Support criteria are based on your business needs and technical objectives. By following our proven process, you’re able to determine how to apply the most appropriate quality solution for application testing. Our solution is focused on the need to reduce costs and increase efficiencies as defined during the initial stages of an engagement.

Experis supplies quality solutions based on client-oriented requirements and risks, technical objectives, solid testing processes, and knowledge. We apply our experience in building highly- collaborative test teams from the ground up and implementing best processes in each engagement.

Proven methodology, scalable solutions

Process Alignment

Experis conducts test maturity assessment reviews of your testing life cycle processes and related organizational functions. Process maps are drawn and compared against industry best practices. The current level and effectiveness of quality processes at the department and enterprise level is ascertained. The gaps gleaned from the assessment are quantified. Actionable recommendations and ongoing measurements are defined. Test strategies, roles, and responsibilities are outlined based on recommendations and time duration set to achieve quality standards. Review mechanisms and metrics are set in place to maintain and improve the adherence to the agreed level of quality and improve overall test maturity.

Tools Optimization

Rich Internet applications, web services architecture, Cloud and mobile technology require greater technical expertise to reduce the testing cycle. Experis provides functional and performance test automation tool knowledge that extend across all levels of the testing life cycle. Instead of focusing automation of basic front-end functional testing, our process includes planning, tool integration, and implementation to provide automated testing earlier and more often within aggressive project timelines. Test automation allows for better application reliability by increasing test coverage and supporting more agile development approaches. Experis brings expertise in both commercial and open source test tools.

Testing Specialization

In today’s market, organizations are faced with the challenge of testing a wide variety of technology platforms and applications. These skills include commercially packaged software, industry-specific and highly compliant systems, mobile applications, customized functionality, and performance testing.

As technology advances grow, there is increased complexity in ensuring testing coverage that will satisfy the business needs quickly and still produce quality products. Experis brings specialized skills to deliver comprehensive and reliable testing to meet each business and technology challenge and assist our clients with containing costs.

In addition, Experis offers expertise in games testing across a variety of platforms.

Test Management

Experis professionals take responsibility for test design, execution and defect management. The main goal of testing is to prove that the system functions according to business use specifications. Since testing efforts are geared toward uncovering defects before they end up in the production environment, a robust test process and best practices methodology is key to assess the quality of the product being tested.

Testing Centers of Excellence (TCOE)

TCOE is a centralized solution that brings together people, process, and infrastructure into a shared services function. TCOE’s accrue many benefits to an organization in terms of improved quality, faster time to market, and reduced testing costs.

Experis implements a TCOE to accommodate new testing needs and continually improve business and IT operations. After transforming the testing function to a TCOE, the centralized team will address testing challenges as one organization. Experis provides a solid approach, planning, and support in establishing successful TCOE’s to move your organization up the maturity ladder towards improved efficiency, better resource utilization and tool optimization.

Mentoring & Training

Experis gains an in-depth understanding of your applications and testing methodology so that gaps in skills and knowledge can be addressed through an optimal mix of training and mentoring. We provide guidance with the level and type of training that is most useful to increase productivity of your team.

As an initial step to ensure that all needs are discovered, we conduct a brief review of the current tools and skills. This ensures that the training services provided will meet the future needs of the overall organization, including adaptation of testing practices and tools for successful agile methodology transition.