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Business Planning and Execution

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Clearing the path for improved results.

Within organizations large and small, a top challenge today is not only aligning business needs with plans and capabilities, but also executing those plans effectively and making timely, agile course corrections as the business environment continually changes. Whether your organization is just beginning to address the issue of alignment, is a mature operation in need of incremental improvement and optimization, or requires transformative change, The Experis Business Planning and Execution Practice best can tailor a custom solution around your specific needs. Our seasoned professionals take a holistic view across the enterprise in order to understand impacts, maximize value and mitigate risk.

Our Business Planning and Execution services help your business or IT organization set and achieve its objectives. We collaborate with you to set and align business and IT strategic goals and objectives, plan how to achieve them, and manage the execution of the plans in order to meet stated goals. We employ flexible frameworks, methodologies, and toolsets that are easily customized to your needs.

As a Registered Education Provider (REP) for PMI and an Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) for the IIBA, we can also mentor and educate your workforce from top to bottom to ensure the right skills are in place and employed to maximize results.

Applying a holistic approach

Strategic Planning and Road Map Development

Where are you going and how will you get there? Our Strategic Planning and Roadmap Development services can help you answer these questions. Whether it’s the rollout of a new product, system or process, Experis can partner with you to help you plan what needs to be done, what the risks and impacts will be, and how to achieve the plan. We can provide:

  • Facilitated Strategy Definition Sessions
  • Enterprise-wide Impact Analysis
  • Impact Mitigation Plan
  • Road Map and Tactical Plan Development
  • IT-to-Business Alignment
  • Strategic Plan Execution
Business Transformation

Whether at an enterprise level, division level or department level, our Business Transformation services can help you to see where changes need to happen, then help you navigate through the change process. Services include:

  • Facilitated Needs Analysis Sessions
  • Business Transformation Planning
  • Capabilities Assessments
  • Core Process Assessments
  • Business Solution Design
  • Executive Advisory Services
Organizational Change Management

As business and technology change, it’s critical to make sure your organization can adapt to the change as new processes, systems, products, and services are integrated into your business. At Experis, we are ready to partner with you to help your organization change smoothly and effectively. We can provide:

  • Operational Readiness Analysis and Planning
  • Organization Structure Analysis and Planning
  • Stakeholder Management and Communications
  • Rollout Strategy, Planning, and Implementation
  • Training Planning and Delivery
  • User Adoption Planning
Business Process Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, knowing how your organization gets things done is vital. Even more important is making sure that your organization performs its core process in the most effective, efficient and well-defined manner possible. At Experis, we partner with you to clearly define how your organization “works,” and how to help it work better without ignoring the need for flexibility. We offer:

  • Process Analysis and Improvement
  • Process Optimization and Innovation
  • Workflow Analysis and Process Automation
  • Process Design and Modeling
  • Business Monitoring and Metrics

Governance includes how decisions are made, who makes them, how they are communicated, how they are implemented, and how they are measured. Governance is amongst the most crucial frameworks in any organization. Experis’ BPE services can help you to define and refine your governance processes according to the needs of your business. We can provide:

  • IT Governance
  • IT/Business PMO Assessments and Optimization
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Case Modeling and Benefits Realization
  • IT to Business Alignment
  • IT Value Management
  • Change Control
Project Management/ PMO Optimization

Project Management Office (PMO) objectives are geared toward enabling consistent project delivery and mitigating IT and/or business risks. Experis can examine your current PMO organization, processes and/or investment and recommend an optimized means of delivering its chartered objectives. We can help to:

  • Align project management practices with business stakeholder expectations
  • Optimize project management SLOs to be realistic, pertinent and measurable
  • Right-size PMO investment
  • Recommend tools and technology to enable effective delivery, resource utilization oversight and progress reporting
Agile Maturity Optimization

Agile maturity optimization addresses an organization’s goals and benefits, costs, and road map for embracing agile at an acceptable level to the current IT and business culture. This process:

  • Recognizes the relative IT and business strengths, weaknesses, inhibitors and enablers
  • Is geared toward incremental attainment of organizational “maturity” objectives
  • Will ultimately address
    • What is the business benefit and where you want to be
    • How to get there and how much will it cost
  • Is not an assessment to become “Agile Certified”
Project Management & Business Analyst Training/Mentoring

Experis classroom education and mentoring provides a means to train your resources based on examining skills of the current staff, determining best-fit methods for adopting new processes, and minimizing operational encumbrances. How it works:

  • Experis is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider. PMP-certified clients receive PDUs for attending our training.
  • Experis is also an Endorsed Education Provider for the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).
  • We can also customize these classes, or develop complete custom classes for our clients.
  • Our mentoring approach enables education to be provided via leadership, assistance, training, tutoring or pilot execution.
Accelerated Requirements Elicitation & Management

This service provides a complete, effective method for developing and maintaining business requirements using a fully verifiable, state-of-the-art set of tools and processes. It supports the full development life cycle, and sets a solid foundation for future enhancements and development. Our process focuses on six key aspects:

  • Requirements Detailing
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Issue, Assumption, Action, and Version Management
  • Requirements Monitoring, Measurement, and Metrics
  • Requirements Validation
  • Requirements Verification and Signoff
Flexible Resourcing & Bundled Services

Experis uses a flexible resource model when customers need bundled PM or BA resource solutions. Our proven experience and capabilities coupled with our competitive strengths, clearly differentiate us from our competitors and have allowed us to successfully create a sustainable and scalable model. We offer:

  • Global-reaching network of offices capable to provide appropriate resources
  • Inherent familiarity with client business models via a tailored onboarding process and SLAs
  • Flexibility to maintain a scalable, cost effective management resourcing model with specific pools of knowledge
  • An established Project Delivery and Quality Assurance (PDQA) model that has been tried and proven across numerous successfully-delivered projects