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Clinical Application Development

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Customized solutions for optimized results.

In today’s challenging economy, Life Sciences companies are looking to cut costs anyway they can. Experis’ team of experienced Clinical Application Developers, Architects and Project Managers can partner with you to automate manual and tedious processes in the drug development process in order to create efficiencies and free up your team to focus on other important tasks.

We have extensive experience in providing high-quality, strategic solutions which enable our clients to access, analyze and deliver important information across the enterprise. Whether you need to customize your SAS solutions to meet the needs of the organization, or create custom applications to complement your SAS solution, Experis has the development teams with the experience required to complete the project on time and on budget. You’ll benefit from:

  • Increased team focus on strategic activities versus manual or tedious processes
  • Increased efficiency due to the reduction or elimination of tedious processes
  • Improved decision-making based on accurate data accessed by these custom applications

Comprehensive customization expertise

Automatic Tables and Listings Specification Development Interface

A VB.Net application that provides an interface for development of clinical specifications for tables, listings and graphs. This application allows the sharing, reuse, standardization of TLG specs and automatic creation of the supporting SAS code. Through the use of this custom application, our Life Sciences clients will experience a decrease in their clinical study development time and a reduction in programming errors by minimizing manual processes.

Standard Macro Library

More and more Life Sciences companies are moving away from the ad hoc, from-scratch statistical programming for their TLG’s. They are realizing the advantages of standardized code custom built to their operations, and we are helping make that happen. Our team is trained in application development and understands the key factors for building robust, re-usable code. The development of SAS Macro libraries can reduce error, development time and spec rework.

Reporting and Analytical Applications

Whether its clinical trial data, lab reports, sales metrics or inventory measures, Life Sciences companies have many places where accurate data is needed quickly in order to manage their operations and be successful in their business. Our experienced developers can build applications that automate standard operations and incorporate advanced analytics so that your experts can be freed for more strategic activities. We often use the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence solution and the Information Delivery Portal to provide best-in-class results to your internal or external stakeholders. However, we can integrate SAS with many other reporting applications so you can still take advantage of its powerful analytics.