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Technology Governance

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Creating value while ensuring control and accountability.

The implementation of Information Technology is an expensive investment for organizations. That’s why Experis offers dedicated resources to IT governance, helping organizations optimize ROI and use technology to gain competitive advantage without diverting from other key business goals. Benefits from technology governance include:

  • Focus on mission critical projects
  • Alignment with both the current and future strategies
  • High level of transparency
  • Full executive support and understanding of technology projects
  • Highly supportive and flexible change management process
  • Succinct set of KPIs, allowing easy monitoring and reporting

Methodology for maximum benefits

Define the Current State

To gain an objective understanding of the external and internal requirements dictating business objectives, this process includes reviewing information from several sources including risk assessments, current vendor agreements, SLAs for the business, performance metrics, PMO status and projects, etc. The goal is to establish or refine the decision-making processes and communication plans.

Establish a Control Framework

The ability to set up or refine an internal control structure is critical. All future strategies should be governed from a control framework that is grounded in the present. This involves a review of all policies and procedures to provide a clear path to support long-term strategies of the organization.

Strategy Alignment

When your IT department is ready to fully understand and support the organization’s long-term vision, goals and mission, a technology strategy is developed and linked to the organization’s strategy. Once complete, all positions, processes and projects must demonstrate how they align with the strategy. Tasks and processes that do not align with the strategy should be closely evaluated and modified as necessary.

Continuous Monitoring and Change Management

Because of the constant change in the Information Technology environment, Experis puts in place a strong monitoring process to ensure the direction readily adapts to external or internal stimuli that modify your organization’s strategy.