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Software Selection Assessment

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Expert guidance for best-fit choices.

A software selection and implementation is one of the most complex and challenging projects a company will execute. Whether it is a full ERP system or a subledger package designed to run a portion of the business, these projects demand cross-functional participation to be successful and to ensure the tool will have long-term value for the organization.

Since these projects do not frequently occur, organizations can benefit from an experienced team who execute the task objectively and choose the best fit for the company – taking into account the requirements to run the business compared to the advanced features of a system.

Experis can provide you with an organized, objective and efficient evaluation process that will allow informed decisions in the review, evaluation and selection of prospective software. Whether selecting a new software or trying to rationalize a current product, our “process first” approach focuses on determining true value, and includes software, IT services and infrastructure to ensure the software will meet current and future business needs. As part of the approach, the Experis team will make recommendations for process improvement, including policies, procedures and governance, as appropriate. Our proven methodology:

  • Provides a solid foundation for the decision process
  • Identifies opportunities for process improvement
  • Allows for prioritization of the organization’s requirements
  • Evaluates both quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Encourages independence and vendor management principles
  • Leverages industry experience and accelerators
  • Builds confidence, buy-in, and external stakeholder visibility
  • Incorporates project management throughout the process

Assessment services include:

  • Requirement Elicitation Workshops
  • Business Requirement Documentation
  • Business Process Review/Assessment
  • RFP Assistance
  • Demo Management/Scoring
  • Software Assessments/Recommendations
  • Business Case Development
  • Vendor Negotiations
  • Implementation Planning