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Process and System Optimization Assessment

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Smartly aligning people, processes and technologies.

Today, time and change impact how business is done. Our Process and System Optimization services help you determine and prepare for the impact by assessing business processes, technology processes, and operations at the convergence of business and technology processes, to identify any misalignment between the current business needs and current processes, policies, and procedures.

The resulting recommendations allow for better understanding of your current state so you can take informed action to address people, process and technological shortcomings, leading to improved efficacy, reduced waste, decreased costs and even increased revenue.

Our services will:

  • Provide a solid foundation for the decision process
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Allow for prioritization of your organization’s requirements
  • Evaluate both quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Encourage independence and vendor management principles
  • Leverage industry experience and accelerators
  • Build confidence, buy-in and external stakeholder visibility
  • Incorporate project management throughout the process

A deliberate, comprehensive approach

Alignment and Planning

The first phase of an assessment serves to establish a set of common objectives and a common engagement understanding. By bringing the team together, discussing the scope, approach, and timeline, expectations are established and the vision solidified. Beginning with a common vision helps ensure participation and effective use of the team’s time.

Discovery and Assessment

The second phase of an assessment involves interacting with the people, processes and technological tools that are most familiar with the current business practices – both strengths and shortcomings. These interactions are an essential part of the review process to increase understanding of how things function and where enhancements may provide organizational benefit.

Analysis and Recommendations

By incorporating the knowledge developed from the two prior phases, opportunities are identified. These opportunities may range from simple, straightforward business process modifications to significant business system enhancements to establishing governance structures and system replacement.