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Custom SAS Training

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SAS training to propel productivity.

Are your SAS users only scratching the surface in their use of SAS? Are they fully applying the SAS tools and solutions that have been given to them? Could their productivity and effectiveness be increased if only they knew more about the SAS components they have at their disposal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your organization will benefit from a customized training course from Experis. Our team of SAS professionals can design a single SAS training course or an entire SAS training program based on the specific needs of your developers and/or business users.

We interview the key users to determine their skill levels and knowledge of their SAS products. Then, we develop a SAS training program that improves your team's performance. Examples of customized training include:

  • Introduction to SAS Programming
  • SAS Macro Language Training
  • SAS SQL Language Training
  • Introduction to Enterprise Guide
  • Getting Started with the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform

With the right training, you can increase and improve your use of SAS products and solutions – and achieve better business results.