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Application Development

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Gain productivity and cost efficiencies.

In today’s challenging economy, companies are looking to cut costs anyway they can. Experis’ team of experienced Application Developers, Architects and Project Managers can partner with you to automate manual and tedious processes in order to create efficiencies and free up your team to focus on other important tasks.

We have extensive experience in providing high-quality, strategic solutions that enable you to access, analyze and deliver important information across the enterprise. Whether you need to customize your SAS solutions to meet the needs of the organization, or create custom applications to complement your SAS solution, Experis has the development teams with the experience required to complete the project on time and on budget.

The Experis Application Development team has extensive experience with a variety of technologies including SAS, Visual Basic, Java, .Net, C# and C++. Using true Software Development Life Cycle methodology and under the direction of our Project Management Institute certified Project Managers, you can be confident that we deliver what you need in the most efficient way.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Increased employee focus on strategic activities by freeing them from manual or tedious processes
  • Increased efficiency due to the reduction or elimination of tedious processes
  • Improved decision making based on accurate data accessed by custom applications

Streamlining your workflow by:

Developing Web Applications

We will create high-quality applications carefully designed and implemented following industry standard development full cycle methodologies. These applications will access your SAS data or any other database system to create meaningful user interfaces.

Developing Custom Back-End Applications

Our team of developers can automate manual back-end processes to free your team up to focus on other important activities.

Customizing the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution

We will create a reporting environment that meets the needs of individual executives and departments.

Creating ETL Processes

We will analyze, design and implement an ETL solution for you.

Customizing the SAS Information Delivery Portal

We will develop portlets, design layouts matching your corporate look-and-feel and configure different security levels for your data.