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Engineering Overview

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The best talent and solutions for your business.

With seasonal peaks and fluctuating market demands, your industry requires exceptional workforce agility and quick access to the right talent and specialized solutions. That’s what Experis delivers. We provide Talent Sourcing and Project Solutions to fit your business, whether you’re looking for an interim design engineer, a project team for a critical initiative, or your next VP of Engineering.

Experts Finding Experts

At Experis Engineering, we go further to find top engineering talent both contract and permanent positions. In fact, we place over 3.2 million hours of engineering talent each year. We do this by harnessing the power of our:

  • Highly-skilled network of engineering recruiters
  • Six Sigma recruiting process
  • Candidate qualification process
  • Multi-tiered sourcing strategy
  • Professional development and retention programs

Experts Delivering Project Solutions

Experis Engineering delivers more than just talented professionals. We also offer a suite of specialized, scalable solutions that align technology, expertise and process. Our solutions help you contain costs, increase productivity and accelerate the results of your initiatives. For some companies, this means bringing in a team to audit and improve existing engineering-based processes. For others, it's building onsite teams that escalate innovation. For still others, it's outsourcing a particular engineering function to expedite production. Our solutions centre on:

  • Engineering Management and Quality
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Product/Process Testing
  • Project Management and Outsourced Solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Warranty and Product Service Support