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Building a better workforce one person at a time.

Long before organizations instituted Employment Equity, diversity goals and a focus on visible minorities, women, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peoples, Experis was finding the best in everyone and putting that talent to work. Since our start, our business has been guided by the belief that there's a role for every individual in the world of work.

The nature of our business has given us a privileged position to promote diversity. We take great pride in furthering the potential of individuals of diverse cultures, talents and experience. We always consider what people can do, versus what they can't do. And we make every effort to provide opportunities for anyone who is seeking the rewards and dignity of work. 

We are committed to attracting and maintaining a diverse talent pool to reflect the markets and the communities that we serve. Experis is proud to be a recognized national and provincial partner with several Canadian diversity organizations, including Pride At Work Canada, Goodwill, and JOIN. We have worked diligently to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with numerous diversity organizations across Canada.

Our parent company, ManpowerGroup promotes diversity within our ranks, with our suppliers and with our clients. We strive to create inclusive environments that embrace those with diverse characteristics, including gender, ethnicity, religion, ability, age, sexual orientation, work experience, social class and educational background. We recognize and celebrate that it is through diversity of thought and actions, that creativity and success is possible in the new world of work.

Our Success Projects

Ready Set Go

In 2012, ManpowerGroup Canada created the Ready-SET-Go! program in partnership with the Government of Canada to help youth between the ages of 15 and 30 who are facing barriers to employment. Success is achieved when participants obtain full time work or admission to full-time education or training within three months of program completion. The Ready-SET-Go! program is created and managed by ManpowerGroup; however, the cost of the program including salary of participants is funded by the Government of Canada.

Participants attend 4 weeks of intense in-class training on topics such as Dress for Success, Developing Self-Confidence, Career Planning, Financial Planning, Conflict Resolution, Managing Interpersonal Relationships and Public Speaking. Following the training, successful participants are provided with a 16-week work experience and on-the-job coaching at select Employer Partners.

Project Ability

More than 60 years ago Manpower was founded on a simple concept that there is a job for every person and a person for every job. It has been our mission to find the best in everyone and put it to work. Project Ability is a collaborative initiative where we are leveraging the expertise and resources of local, highly respected community based organizations, and Manpower to tap into People with Disabilities as a talent pool. Through Project Ability, it is our goal to tap into an under-utilized and under-represented population as a valuable talent pools. This initiative focuses on matching the employment needs of local employers through a process that taps into candidates with the needed job skills/competencies who also happen to have a disability. It is also meant to be inclusive of all disabilities. This initiative provides our clients access to an untapped talent pool that is estimated at approximately 15% of most provinces populations. Manpower has developed a relationship with a community based organization who themselves have over 50 years in the community and who are dedicated to helping Canadians with Disabilities lead more independent and empowered live. This organization provides a job preparedness program to ensure candidates have the skills and abilities to work, while Manpower connects them to job opportunities.