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As your needs change or as your workforce management strategies expand, we have the resources to bring you a holistic solution.

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  • ManpowerGroup Solutions

    ManpowerGroup Solutions is a global provider of customized, scalable solutions for workforce agility. For more than a decade, the world’s leading companies have turned to ManpowerGroup Solutions for Talent Based Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Service Provider solutions and Borderless Talent Solutions. Learn More >
  • Experis

    Experis is an operating division focused on contract and permanent job placements in areas such as information technology, engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare and business professional fields. Experis also provides employers with innovative workforce and project solutions to improve operational efficiency, performance and cost containment.
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  • Manpower

    Manpower is a world leader in employment services, creating and delivering services that enable job seekers and employers to win in the changing world of work. Founded in 1948, Manpower creates ideal temporary and permanent employment matches across skill, industry and business need, and provides workforce solutions to improve operational efficiency, performance and cost containment.
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  • Right Management

    Right Management is the world's leading global provider of talent and career management, designing and executing workforce solutions that align talent strategy with business strategy. Right offers services including talent assessment, leadership development, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement and workforce transition.
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Employment Blawg

The impossible has happened. A lawyer is doing something for free. Check out Manpower's Employment Blawg: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Employment Law (But Didn't Want to Pay a Lawyer to Ask). Chief Legal Officer for Manpower North America, Mark Toth, selflessly donated billable hours to create his Employment Blawg just to help professionals like you stay out of trouble and gainfully employed.

In his uniquely entertaining style, Mark delivers up-to-the minute information on employment law, plenty of practical tools and lots of laughs at the expense of his profession. (And yours. And Elvis.) Arm yourself with insights to prevent mistakes without being bombarded by legalese, legal fees and without falling asleep.

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Career Coach

When you're stumped for career advice, turn to your coach - your Career Coach. We're here to provide you with the latest and greatest career tips and info to help you succeed in today's complicated and competitive world of work. We're also here to offer encouragement. The job market can be a crazy place, let us help you figure it out. So, get comfortable.

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You're smart. You know it. We know it. But are you smart when it comes to your career? It's tough to keep up with the latest trends, tools and technologies related to finding, keeping and having a successful career. That's where we come in - let us be your CareerBrain. You'll get access to our knowledge of job trends, markets, industries and people. Let's put the CareerBrain to work.

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In challenging times, Experis is your rock.

Today, many companies find themselves in a battle for survival. Financial resources are under severe strain. Proven ways to minimize expenses and maximize cash flow are needed. The reality of current economic conditions forces many to consider the difficult decision of whether to file for bankruptcy protection.

At a pivotal time like this, you want a business partner who serves as a trusted advisor. A partner with the experience, ability and best-practice methodologies to add value. Who helps you manage costs, supports your finance function throughout the bankruptcy process and assists you with critical staffing needs. You need Experis Finance.

We bring the flexibility and expertise you need to get through these difficult times. Our people understand the nuances of expense management, bankruptcy compliance and technical accounting. We listen to your needs and deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions. These include:

  • Contract compliance and cost recovery. Identify cost-reduction opportunities, recover savings and improve the purchasing and payables processes. Our clients typically realize returns of $8 for every $1 spent on our services!
  • Cash-flow optimization and expense management. Increase cash resources, analyze non-personnel related expenses, and reduce Sales and G&A expenses.
  • Risk analysis (supplier/customer base). Conduct up-front financial reviews of distressed or potentially insolvent suppliers/customers to identify weaknesses, working with them to achieve resolution.
  • State and local tax analysis and recovery services. Provided on a contingency basis, track changes in jurisdictions across the country and analyze their impact on your domestic operations. Typically, we’re able to find tax credits, abatements, training grants, utility credits and special credits for facility expansions and relocations. We can also negotiate on your behalf.